We would like to introduce some interesting web pages. The first few are also onlinestream sites.

The first is elokozvetites.com that broadcasts television channels that can be viewed on the Internet. For example, it broadcasts live on National Geographic, Animal Planet or the International Space Station (ISS).

The next is also an onlinestream site. This is online-tv-kozvetites.com. Here are a lot of online TV channels and channels. You should visit the web site because you can watch TV channels from your tablet or smartphone anywhere.

If we are talking about television broadcasts, it is one of the biggest sports events of 2018 at the Russian Football Championship in Russia. A new website was created that can be accessed at fifaworldcup2018-online.com. There will be visible matches, groupings and players database of participating teams. But we will return to this in another article.

The following web site is a Canadian forum where you can find information about Canadian immigration, settlements or jobs. This is the magyarjuhar.com website. His name also shows that this is a Hungarian web site, but it is also used to discourse in English.

Let’s stay on the previous topic. The next site is also a Canadian theme, the kanadavilaga.com news site for nearly 10 years. This is a daily update site. Visit Kanada Világa Website.

And still Canada. The following website is the business directory of Canadian Hungarians. This site magyarhalozat.com is a mapped, interactive “yellowpages”. Here you will find everything from Canadian and Hungarian from organizations, shops to sports teams.

The car-america-hu.info is a US car website. Here you can get acquainted with the great American automakers and their history, or see the data sheets of today’s cars. If you love American “muscle cars” then this is your side.

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